quarta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2010

My personality-Gabriel Magalhães

I am humble
I am impatient
I am happy
I am honest
I am optimistic
I am distracted
I am inteligent
I am obedient
I am pessimistic
I am nervous

My Personality--Guto

I am calm
I am good tempered
I am humble
I am polite
I am lively
I am patient
I am nervous
I am intelligent
I am honest
I am untidy

quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010

Physical Appearence-Guto

She is tall
She is chubby
She has big hair
She has green eyes
She is beautiful
She is intelligent

He is low
He is ugly
He has medium height
He is dark
He is angry
He has short hair

I have medium height
I have green eyes
I have short hair
I am on shape
I am ugly

hysical appearence Gabriel Magalhães .

I am short
I am thin
I rave brown eyes
I rave short hair
I rave brown hair
I rave curly hair


She is short
She has long hair
she has straight
She has brown hair
She has curly hair
She has green eyes


He is tall strong
He is shaved
He has curly hair
He has grey hair
He has black eyes

quinta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2010

My Abilities Guto

I can swin
I can paint
I can ride horse
I can sing
I can paly the guitar
I can play the drums
I can drive a car
I can ride a motorcyle
I can play trumpet
I can run fast

My abilites (Gabriel Magalhaes)

I can play trumpet
I can mess
I can play teble tennis
Ican go to scool
I can consume a sweet
I can go to the course
I can to make the cleanup
I can to make the tast
I can to hear music
I can play soccer

terça-feira, 22 de junho de 2010

My Friend's Day-By-Day ; Guto

He Wakes up at 7:30
He has a breakfast at 8:00
He brushs tooth at 8:15
He watchs television at 9:00
He has a lunch at 12:00
He brushs tooth at 12:15
He goes to schools at 1:00
He has a dinners at 7:30
He brushs tooth at 7:45
He playes game at 8:00
He watchs television at 10:00
He plays computer at 11:00
He sleeps at 12:00